Insurance shouldn't be a pain in the ass

Insurance is an age old industry which has barely changed in decades. The products on offer are complicated, it can be expensive and the application process is generally complicated. Everything around us is changing, why shouldn’t this industry? We built Ouch! from the ground up to do just that.
All of us at Ouch! truly believe that there is a better way to approach insurance. From discovery of products all the way to management of policies, we’re working on new solutions that put the people's needs and wants first. It is this customer centric approach to insurance which sets us apart from others.
So who’s behind the scenes to make this happen? The perfect combination of drive and experience. We’ve got our young and enthusiastic team to bring a fresh perspective to insurance, as well as the wise and accomplished advisors to guide us down the right path.
With a vision to change insurance as we know it today coupled with a team dedicated to the cause, we’re ready to take on this challenge. We only hope that what we put out to the world will benefit you, the people, at the end of day.
So the next time you face troubles in your lives… OUCH!
Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Our Accolades

Ouch! for Business

The new Ouch! app allows you to manage your polices on the go! Purchase new policies, pay your insurance premiums and make claims in a jiffy.

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